Download latest HTC USB driver with installation guide

Hi, you to get all HTC Smartphone USB drivers with an easy installation guide. HTC USB driver is an important part of all HTC Smartphones which enable you to easily connect your HTC android device with the PC or laptop.

What is a HTC USB Driver?

HTC USB Driver is an important part for all android devices which allows you to easily connect any android device or tablet through the personal computer or laptop. In other words, it is a group of more than one files or program which create a bridge between the android devices and the personal computer to communicate and sharing the files between each other. After properly connecting your android device or tablet with the personal computer via USB driver then, you will be able to do many more important things.

With the help of PC Suit, or any other software and installing the ROM will be you will be able to easily transfer your important & confidential data like photos, audio, video, messages, mp3, contacts, download, install & update stock ROM of any android device, update all drivers of your android devices, update your android device, take backup whole android device, and if you lost all important data from your android device then you can easily restore with the help of backup via HTC USB drivers on your computer.

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What is HTC ADB Driver?

ADB stand for Android Debug Bridge. HTC ADB driver is a client server program which is used to create the bridge between the developer and android device apart of that also create a bride between the personal computer and android device for android application development. With the help of HTC ADB driver you will be able to give direct command through any terminal which allows you to modify and update your android device or device software by giving the command through PC command line. It is used to properly manage your Android device.

How to install HTC USB and ADB driver?

There are two ways from which you can easily download HTC USB driver on your personal computer or laptop through the Exe file or by Driver file (Manually) method.

Method 1:

How to install HTC USB and ADB driver via Exe file:

Download and extract the zip file on your computer and connect your phone, then double click on this file to run that exe file now click on the Next > Next > Finish button. It is very simple process, there is no need to add extra efforts.

Method 2:

How to install HTC USB driver via driver files (Manually):

These driver files don’t have any kind of executable files so, you must need to install HTC USB driver using manual method. The installation process of HTC USB driver via driver files is given below, follow all steps carefully:

Step 1: Download and extract the zip file on your computer then connect your android smartphone via HTC USB cable to your personal computer or laptop.

Step 2: Click on the Start button or you can also press WIN key to directly active start menu then either you have to right click on the “Computer” option or you can also press Shift+F10 key to open the cascading menu and choose “Manage” option. Click on the “Device Manager” option in the Computer Management dialog box. Now you can see your mobile name or number with yellow triangle icon in the right side pan. That means android device is properly not installed on your computer or laptop.

Step 3: Press right mouse button which has yellow triangle option then you have to click on Update Driver Software option > Click on the “Browse my computer for driver software” option > Select the folder by clicking on the Browse… button now, you will get complete path of USB driver software file then click on the Next button > Now, your USB driver updating process will be start. After successfully finish the USB driver updating process, finally click on the close button.

Download latest HTC USB driver here is list:

HTC Model No.Driver Download link
HTC AriaDownload
HTC Amaze 4GDownload
HTC ButterflyDownload
HTC Butterfly SDownload
HTC Butterfly 2Download
HTC ChaChaDownload
HTC DesireDownload
HTC Desire CDownload
HTC Desire EyeDownload
HTC Desire HDDownload
HTC Desire LDownload
HTC Desire PDownload
HTC Desire QDownload
HTC Desire SDownload
HTC Desire UDownload
HTC Desire VDownload
HTC Desire VCDownload
HTC Desire VTDownload
HTC Desire XDownload
HTC Desire XCDownload
HTC Desire ZDownload
HTC Desire 200Download
HTC Desire 210 Dual SIMDownload
HTC Desire 300Download
HTC Desire 310Download
HTC Desire 310 Dual SIMDownload
HTC Desire 320Download
HTC Desire 326G Dual SIMDownload
HTC Desire 400 Dual SIMDownload
HTC Desire 500Download
HTC Desire 501Download
HTC Desire 501 Dual SIMDownload
HTC Desire 510Download
HTC Desire 516 Dual SIMDownload
HTC Desire 520Download
HTC Desire 526Download
HTC Desire 526G+ Dual SIMDownload
HTC Desire 530Download
HTC Desire 600 Dual SIMDownload
HTC Desire 601Download
HTC Desire 601 Dual SIMDownload
HTC Desire 610Download
HTC Desire 612Download
HTC Desire 616 Dual SIMDownload
HTC Desire 620 Dual SIMDownload
HTC Desire 620G Dual SIMDownload
HTC Desire 626Download
HTC Desire 626sDownload
HTC Desire 628Download
HTC Desire 630Download
HTC Desire 700Download
HTC Desire 700 Dual SIMDownload
HTC Desire 728 Dual SimDownload
HTC Desire 728 G Dual SimDownload
HTC Desire 816Download
HTC Desire 816 Dual SIMDownload
HTC Desire 816G Dual SIMDownload
HTC Desire 820Download
HTC Desire 820 Dual SIMDownload
HTC Desire 820G+ Dual SIMDownload
HTC Desire 820s Dual SIMDownload
HTC Desire 820Q Dual SIMDownload
HTC Desire 825Download
HTC Desire 826Download
HTC Desire 828 Dual SimDownload
HTC Desire 830Download
HTC Droid DNADownload
HTC Droid IncredibleDownload
HTC Droid Incredible 2Download
HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTEDownload
HTC Evo 3DDownload
HTC Evo 3D CDMADownload
HTC Evo 4GDownload
HTC Evo 4G+Download
HTC Evo 4G LTEDownload
HTC Evo Design 4GDownload
HTC Note Pro 12.2Download
HTC Evo Shift 4GDownload
HTC Evo View 4GDownload
HTC ExplorerDownload
HTC FirstDownload
HTC FlyerDownload
HTC Flyer Wi-FiDownload
HTC FreestyleDownload
HTC Google Nexus OneDownload
HTC GlacierDownload
HTC GratiaDownload
HTC HD2Download
HTC HD MiniDownload
HTC Hero SDownload
HTC Incredible SDownload
HTC Inspire 4GDownload
HTC JDownload
HTC JetstreamDownload
HTC LegendDownload
HTC MergeDownload
HTC Nexus 9Download
HTC OneDownload
HTC One MiniDownload
HTC One Mini 2Download
HTC One Dual SimDownload
HTC One E8Download
HTC One E8 CDMADownload
HTC One E9sDownload
HTC One E9+Download
HTC One M8Download
HTC One M8 CDMADownload
HTC One M8 Dual SIMDownload
HTC One M8 EyeDownload
HTC One M8sDownload
HTC One M9Download
HTC One M9+Download
HTC One M9+ Supreme CameraDownload
HTC One M9sDownload
HTC One M9 Prime CameraDownload
HTC One MEDownload
HTC One ME Dual SimDownload
HTC One RemixDownload
HTC One SDownload
HTC One S9Download
HTC One S C2Download
HTC One SCDownload
HTC One STDownload
HTC One SVDownload
HTC One SV CDMADownload
HTC One VDownload
HTC One VXDownload
HTC One XDownload
HTC One X+Download
HTC One XCDownload
HTC One XLDownload
HTC One X9Download
HTC PanacheDownload
HTC Raider 4GDownload
HTC RezoundDownload
HTC RhymeDownload
HTC Rhyme CDMADownload
HTC RiderDownload
HTC SalsaDownload
HTC SensationDownload
HTC Sensation 4GDownload
HTC Sensation XEDownload
HTC Sensation XLDownload
HTC SmartDownload
HTC StatusDownload
HTC ThunderBolt 4GDownload
HTC Velocity 4GDownload
HTC Velocity 4G VodafoneDownload
HTC VividDownload
HTC WildfireDownload
HTC Wildfire CDMADownload
HTC Wildfire SDownload
HTC 10Download
HTC 10 LifeStyleDownload

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I hope you will get required USB driver of HTC Smartphone and also helps you to easily install HTC USB driver on your PC or laptop. If you have any query or need USB drivers of any other Smartphone then write us in the comment box. Thanks to all.

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