How to delete a wrongly sent message in Facebook Messenger

When we send a message to other person and after sending the message we felt that we have sent the message by mistake to other person. Now, you want to get back the message or don’t want them to read your message. In that situation most of the users want to know how to delete a wrongly sent message in Facebook Messenger.

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If you worried regarding wrongly sent message and want to delete them from your smartphone. Don’t worry if you are looking the way, then read this article. This article helps you how to delete a sent message in Facebook messenger.

All we know at present time there are many person spent his lot of time at different social websites, like Facebook, WhatsApp etc. WhatsApp already added the feature how to delete a sent message for his users. On the say way of WhatsApp, Facebook also introduce the same feature for his all registered users. This feature allows you to delete your mistakenly sent message at Facebook messenger from your smartphone. This feature is right now available only for few countries but very soon it will be available for all countries users.

Steps How to delete a wrongly sent message in Facebook Messenger

If you accidentally sent any message to someone else and want to delete them, then you have to follow given simple steps to delete a sent message in Facebook Messenger. All Facebook users remember one important thing that, after sending the messenger you can delete any sent message with in 10 minutes. If you already cross limit of 10 minutes then you would not be able to delete a sent message in Facebook messenger.

How to delete a wrongly sent message in Facebook Messenger

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Step 1: Open your Facebook messenger either your Android phone or iPhone. Open you Facebook chat window and select the message which you want to delete from your smartphone.

Step 2: Once select your sent message which you want to remove from your messenger, just tap on the “Remove” option. Now you will get a confirmation message at your Facebook messenger window.It will ask you for confirmation “Delete for Everyone” or “Delete for you”.

Step 3: You have to tap on “Delete for Everyone” option at your Facebook messenger window.

Delete for you: This option  will delete the sent message only for your smartphone. The receiver can read your sent message.

Delete for Everyone: This option will delete the sent message from sender and receiver both smartphone.

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How to Delete WhatsApp Message Which You’ve Already Send

Now deleting any send WhatsApp message is an easy task, but how do you done this job? Most of the person want to how to delete WhatsApp message which you’ve already sent. You can easily delete any WhatsApp message to any particular WhatsApp number or group. WhatsApp recently launched his latest feature which allows you to quickly delete WhatsApp messages.

Sometime during sending the messages you feel a message send to any broadcast group or any individual person by mistake. Before few days ago there is no change to delete this messages if you don’t have admin right on WhatsApp group. You can delete any sent WhatsApp messages from particular person WhatsApp number only. But after releasing this latest feature you can easily delete a WhatsApp messages which you have already send to others.