Conditional Formatting – How to generate chess board on excel

Today we talk about How to generate chess board on excel using Conditional Formatting. If you want to prepare chessboard like given below on your selected range of cells in excel sheet then follow these steps given below.

Note: You can also remove conditional formatting from entire sheet or selected range of cells by clicking on the Home Tab >>> Click on the “Conditional Formatting” option in the “Styles” group >>> Click on the “Clear Rules” option > Select any required option either “Clear Rules from Selected Cells” or “Clear Rules from Entire Sheet”.

For example if you have a large database and you want to to make a chess board on your excel sheet in that case you must follow given steps to use conditional formatting facility in excel.

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How to create chess board on excel:

Conditional Formatting feature in excel is used to allow or apply different kind of formatting on selected range of cells in active sheet like set background colors, borders, shading, apply styles on font that match certain given conditions.


Step 1: Select any range of cell in your active worksheet where you want to draw or prepare the chess board for example select the range D5:H15 >>> Click on the Home Tab >>> Click on the “Conditional Formatting” option from the “Styles” group >>> Click on the “New Rule”  option.

Step 2: Choose this option “Use a formula to determine which cells to format” in Select a Rule Type.

Step 3: Now take cursor in “Format values where this formula is true”: boxes then you have to type following given two formula to prepare chess board on excel sheet:

First Formula:



Second Formula:



Now click on the Format button >>> Click Fill Tab >>> Select any background color, border or shading from format cell dialog box then click OK >>> Click OK button again to make formatting on cell which match the certain given condition.


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I hope you like this How to generate chess board on excel guide from which you will be able to easily generate chess board on excel without any extra efforts. If feel any problem in this guide then please use comment box. Thanks to all.

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