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How to create a Facebook Page?

The use of the Facebook page to advance a business, to increase the popularity of anyone. The Facebook page can also be used by people who have more than 5,000 people in their friend list, they can also create your own page on Facebook. If you have your own website and you use Facebook, then you can get good traffic on your site via Facebook page, and like this you can also get traffic on your site via Twitter. Today we are going to tell you how to create a Facebook Page? Read More

How to logout a Gmail account?

Gmail is our most used app. Most of the work in our phones and desktops is from Gmail, but many times we want to logout from our device or Gmail because of many things. With the Gmail website or your Android, you can log out of the Gmail account that you have not used during your Android setup. Today, we are going to tell you through this article how to logout a Gmail account on desktop and Android phones? Read More

AMOLED vs LCD: Which one is better for you

In addition to the processor for better performance in the smartphone, the display is also considered to be a key factor. Let us know that the screen quality and pixel resolutions are proportional to each other. But if the technique used in pixels, then it becomes a bit difficult to understand. If we talk about smartphones, then two techniques are used. The first is the AMOLED and the second LCD. But do you know the difference between these two screens. If not, then today we are going to tell you the difference between the two screens. Read More

10 Security features of Android phones !! Must be Aware

Most of the smartphones used in the world, including India, are Android. These days, smartphones are used for mobile banking and for many purposes. If your smartphone comes in the hands of a hacker, then you can become a victim of trouble. All your personal information may leak. So today we are going to tell you about 10 Security features of Android phones, which can help you keep your smartphone from hacking. Read More

How To Apply Online For Pan Card

PAN Card is an essential document for every Indian citizen. According to Section 139A of Income Tax Act, 1961, all citizens of India must have a PAN (Permanent Account Number). PAN is an account number with 15 digits, which needs to be paid while paying taxes and filling income tax returns. Just as the importance of the PAN card has increased in today’s time, the process of making it the same is also easier than ever. Pan card can be built offline as well as through online medium. Read More

How Smartphone cover harmful for your Smartphone

Most users use fancy cover in their smartphones. There are some smartphone covers that protect your phone during breaks. But there are some smartphone cover harmful for your smartphone. Users do not know this thing. Here we are telling you about some smartphone cover harmful for your smartphone. Also, you will also have to take care of what you should take care of when buying a smartphone cover. Read More

7 Important Jio Phone Tips and Tricks

Since the arrival of Jio Phone market, users have once again started attracting feature phones. There are many such features in this phone which are present in the smartphone. If you have bought a Jio phone then you will be well acquainted with its user interface yet. However, there are some hidden features in the phone which will not be easily visible to you. They have to search by going to the phone’s settings. We are telling you Jio Phone tips and tricks in our news that will prove to be helpful for you. Read More

WhatsApp Call Recording – How to Record a WhatsApp Video Call

Like Facebook, WhatsApp is a very popular instant messaging app. In such a way, WhatsApp Call Recording is a very useful feature for WhatsApp users. By default WhatsApp don’t provide call recording feature for Android or iPhone users. In this guide you can learn how could you easily use WhatsApp call recording feature at your Android or iPhone. This is a quick guide from which you can easily record a WhatsApp video call. Read More

Smart tricks to blur background in Skype video calls

Nowadays, the trend of video calls has increased significantly. Interview or personal talk people are using video calls. If the background behind you is not good when you are making a video call, then there is a wrong impression on the front. Especially when you are interviewing, the background of your video call should be better, otherwise the front does not look good. Read More

how to start dancing the Android phone’s icons

At present, all people use Android phones, but some people make changes to their phone settings or with the help of a third-party app, by putting some animation effects on their phone and making them different from others’ phones. Today, we are going to tell you about a trick whose help will start dancing the Android phone’s icons. Read More