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Canvas 4 boot animation for Micromax A110 and A116

Hi, this is first boot-animation with sound from Micromax for Android phones. It comes with Micromax A210 Canvas 4. It has well designed and animation by Micromax. It is working nice and smoothly on Micromax similar display size phone.

Canvas 4 really cool and outstanding phone and It comes with lots of good features and apps like canvas 4 is the first Android phone from Micromax that has a boot animation with audio and also it has blow air to unlock phone app, this app make canvas phone attractive. This app is a security app and it should be installed on our Android Smartphone.

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I try Canvas 4 boot animation on Micromax A110 and A116 and it is working well in both Smartphone. You can try Canvas 4 boot animation on other similar display size phone, if it works then share with us.  Try it and enjoy this fabulous boot-animation.

Download Canvas 4 Boot Animation:

Canvas 4 Boot Animation Click here to download
Canvas 4 Boot Audio Download


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How to install Canvas 4 boot animation on your Android phone:

Step 1. First of all download Canvas 4 Boot and Canvas 4 Boot Audio file and rename it as and bootaudio.mp3 both files.

Step 2. Now open Root explorer/ ES explorer app on your Mobile.

Step 3. Copy Canvas 4 Boot and Canvas 4 Boot Audio file from your save location on your storage and paste these file in system folder.

Step 4. Press and hold of these files for few second, one by one and you will get an option list, then tap on permission and Set permission wr-r-r on both files.

Step 5. Now moves Canvas 4 Boot and Canvas 4 Boot Audio file system folder to media folder. You will get a popup tab for replacing files with your phone boot-animation. You just tap on yes for replace file.

Step 6. That’s all and reboot your phone and see your boot-animation work or not.

If you feel any problem in this process, then read this post and watch video: Click here to Watch Video

19 response on “Canvas 4 boot animation for Micromax A110 and A116

  1. hisham

    hye there, im using micromax a110 with suvi rom v15..can this boot animation and sound be use in my current rom?

    1. hisham

      Hi Abishek,

      Thank you for the reply. BTW do you have samsung s4 and audio boot animation & boot audio? appreciate if you can share the link. TQ.


    I want startup tone in canvas 2 plus.
    Is it possible..?
    Startup tone means, when ever i switch off or on my mobile i need to get the audio sound.

    1. Alain Uy

      the image size does not fit the whole screen of a116 hd.. the image is a bit small when playing.. how to set correct image size to play correct size?

  3. Abhi Rathor

    i have done it thanx a lot Abhi !!!!
    but first it is showing superfone canvas 2 after it's showing canvas 4.! WHY ??

  4. Abhi Rathor

    after doing this it is not showing canvas 4 ! i hv tried many times to doing restart my canvas 2 still it is showing super phone canvas 2 .

    1. Abhishek Sharma Post author

      it is so simple
      Download Canvas 4 Boot and Canvas 4 Boot Audio file and rename it as and bootaudio.mp3 both files then after
      copy both file in system folder then set permission WR-R-R
      after that move both file in media folder

      then reboot your phone

      that's all

  5. Abhi Rathor

    when i try to Boot Animation for Micromax A110 Canvas 2 it's showing


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