How to Boost Network Signals Strength at your Android

Every second Android phone user complain regarding the poor signals issue at his device. Due to poor signals you can face different issue like poor call quality, slow upload and download, failed sending messages or emails, drop call, poor voice quality and many more issue’s. In this guide we have to discuss how to easily improve or boost network signals strength at your Android phone.

If anyone one of them who is facing the same issue then raise your hand. First you must have to know how cell phones work’s at your device. If you have full signals that mean your phone receive signals from the cell tower constantly. If the strength of signals from the cell phone towers have to pass through a lot of obstructions such as walls, window glass, etc., they can get considerably weakened. Due to poor signals you have to face dropped calls, poor voice quality, slow internet, call waiting, fail status of sending emails or messages at your device.

How to Boost Network Signals Strength at your Android

Smartphone is an essential device for us. What we can do due to face poor signals issue at your device? Well, you have to follow different steps like exit from your office chamber or room and reach at open place, go upstairs to the terrace, restart the phone, check or clean the dust from SIM. Don’t worry, in this guide we have to discuss ways to improve network signals strength at your Android phone.

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How to Boost Network Signals Strength at your Android

Due to call drop and network issue lot of people’s switch from one to another telecom operator. If you want to boost network signals strength at your Android phone, then you have to take few given steps to resolve the issue.

Remove the phone cover

Due to phone cover many smartphone users face poor signals issue at his device. Hard or fully covered case block your phone antina due to which your phone is not able to get full signals strength. If you want to improve network signals strength at your Android device then you have to remove your phone case immediately.

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Remove objects that interfere with the cellular reception

Now you might be thinking how to get rid of the barriers between smartphones and cell towers. Lot of person raise the query and want to know is it possible? Yes, you can remove the objects that interfere with the cellular reception at your smartphone. From Cell tower to your cell phone strength of your signals might be week due to metal or concrete walls, room without window, basement and many more. In that situation you have to close near to an open window, get out from the room, go upstairs to the terraces, where you get the better signal strength.

You have to also take care to keep distance from any electronic equipment or any metal objects due to which facing poor signals issue.

Save phone Battery

Due to low phone battery most of person turn on battery saver feature at his smartphone. All the Smartphones manufacturing companies add built in feature whenever the battery gets low the battery saver option is turned on automatically. During the low phone battery it’s very difficult to search or get proper phone’s signal. In that situation, you have to turn off all running background apps which you are not using. You can also, turn off other connectivity options, like Bluetooth and WiFi. These steps helps you to improve Network Signals Strength at your Android device.

To save the phone battery you have to close all unnecessary & unused background running apps at your device. You can take given precautions with your Smartphone.

You must have to keep your phone away from hot sunlight or high temperatures area.
Reduce or adjust brightness or your phone screen.
Update your phone’s firmware

Check and Clean SIM Card

Sometime your SIM card get properly damaged or accumulation of dust due to that signals strength either completely over or week. We know very well signal strength of your phone depends on the SIM card of your device. You have to open the back cover, clean the dust on sim card, check properly sim placed in the sim tray properly or not. If you SIM completely damaged then replace the older sim with new one. After that you signals issue must be resolved.

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Use signal boosters and amplifiers

Signal boosters are one of the helpful way to boost the signals. When you have to share your connection with other people or your router is too far, in that situation you must need an amplifier which spread the connection either in the office or at home. There are many signal boosters for 3G/4G connections too, in few situation’s they can not only improve your internet signal by tenfold but also improve signal quality.