Aage Kya Answers Today 21 April 2021 – Win Assured Rewards

Aage Kya Answer 21 April 2021 - Get fastest Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz Answers and Win ₹1,000, ₹50 and Assured Rewards.

Aage Kya Answers 21 April  –  Play Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz Answer and Win Assured Rewards. Skyneel provides the fastest Flipkart Aage Kya today answer. The Flipkart Aage Kya 21 April 2021 is now live and the winner will be eligible to win the Assured Rewards.

The Flipkart Video presents Aage Kya Quiz based on Forward Social Massages and offers customers the opportunity to win exciting prizes, So here is today’s Flipkart Aage Kya Questions and Answers. You can play this quiz only Flipkart app because this quiz contest only for Flipkart app uses.

Aage Kya Answers Today 28 March 2021 – Win Assured Rewards

Today’s quiz prize (Assured Rewards):
₹1000 gift vouchers (100 winners)
₹50 gift vouchers (3000 winners)
Super coins for remaining winners
Quiz Timing: 12 AM to 11.59 PM
Date: 21 April 2021

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 21 April 2021

YouTube : Aage Kya Quiz Answers

Answer 1:- Rear car flies in the air & bang

Answer 2:- Girl fall of the wall

Answer 3:- Child pushes man in the water

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Aage Kya Quiz Answers 20 April 2021

Answer 1:- Barbeque Blasts

Answer 2:- Man falls in the puddle

Answer 3:- A kid runs away with the phone

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 19 April 2021

Answer 1:- A Bird eats the fish

Answer 2:- Spider comes out of the box

Answer 3:- Man breaks the wall and comes

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 18 April 2021

Answer 1:- A Man comes out of the bag

Answer 2:- The Girl hits the celling

Answer 3:-  Monkey pees on the Lady

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 17 April 2021

Answer 1:- Rocket hits someone

Answer 2:- Someone comes from underwater

Answer 3:- Camel bites the lady head

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 16 April 2021

Answer 1:- Boy falls from the tree

Answer 2:- Aeroplane tyre burst

Answer 3:- All bags fall from the rack

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 15 April 2021

Answer 1:- Fish jumps out of the boat

Answer 2:- Boy cracks the windshield

Answer 3:- All the bowling pins falls

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 14 April 2021

Answer 1:- Zombie scares the singer

Answer 2:- Girl slaps the boy

Answer 3:- They breaks the glass wall

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 13 April 2021

Answer 1:- Boys Treadmills Falls

Answer 2:- Kid bumps into the door

Answer 3:- The cat gets both the  ring

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 12 April 2021

Answer 1:- Cat slaps the horse

Answer 2:- Bartender sets face on fire

Answer 3:- The Girl falls on the ground

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 11 April 2021

Answer 1:- Someone Paint fall off

Answer 2:- Men fall on his own

Answer 3:- Men break the photo frame

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 10 April 2021
Answer 1:- Boy Fall over another boy

Answer 2:- A Vehicle enter the score

Answer 3:- Girl slaps the boy

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 9 April 2021
Answer 1:- ATV Crushes into the crowd

Answer 2:- A Kid has destroyed the makeup

Answer 3:- Boy breaks the bed

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 8 April 2021
Answer 1:-  Boy Slides the ball

Answer 2:- Couple Falls while dancing

Answer 3:- Ball Hits the Girl’s Face

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 7 April 2021
Answer 1:- Girls fall in the water

Answer 2:- Opens the bottle with his butt

Answer 3:- Liama Spits on the camera

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 6 April 2021
Answer 1:- Boy Hits the Child

Answer 2:- Man Smashes Cream on her face

Answer 3:- Will you marry me

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 5 April 2021
Answer 1:- Boy Land on the Jet Ski

Answer 2:- Girl Fall

Answer 3:- Someone drop the mic

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 4 April 2021
Answer 1:- Girafee Licks The Camera

Answer 2:- Dog Pretends To Faint

Answer 3:- Man Reaches Successfully

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 3 April 2021
Answer 1:- Grandmother Falls

Answer 2:- Boy Falls from Balcony

Answer 3:- Girl Break Her Bone

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 2 April 2021
Answer 1:- Swing Break

Answer 2:- Kid Vomits

Answer 3:- Fish Hit The Girl

Aage Kya Quiz Answers 1 April 2021
Answer 1:- Bird on the right headbands

Answer 2:- Both of them fall

Answer 3:- Girl hits the target

What is Aage Kya Quiz?
This is one of Flipkart video quiz and it’s called Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz. Aage Kya Flipkart quiz is a fact-based quiz video where you have 4 options to chose right answers. This is very interesting quiz show, here you can win prizes with knowledge.

How to play Aage Kya Flipkart Quiz?
1. Flipkart App is competition only, So we suggest you download the Flipkart app from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.
2. Open the Flipkart app and sign in to your Flipkart account (create an account first if you do not have an existing Flipkart account).
3. Tap on the “Video and Games” tab in the Bottom, after then you will see the “Flipkart Video presents Aage Kya” banner, tap on this banner and tap on Play and win button.
4 . In this video you will get five questions every day and you can get correct answers of these questions here.
5. After answering all the Aage Kya questions then you will win Assured Rewards like gift vouchers and super coins.

How to find all Flipkart Aage Kya answers?
You can find all correct Aage Kya answers here and you can search Aage Kya Skyneel on Google for find us.

How to win Flipkart Aage Kya quiz?
To win the Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz, you are required to give correct answers of all five question and claim your Prize as a necessary step. The reward will be disbursed directly to the wallet and super coin section.

What is the rewards or prizes of Aage Kya Quiz?
Aage Kya quiz prizes are ₹1,000 Gift Voucher, ₹50 Gift Voucher and SuperCoins.

What is Flipkart SuperCoins?
Supercoin is the Flipkart customer rewards program and 1 SuperCoin = 1 Rupee.

What is Flipkart Aage Kya Quiz requirements:
1. Participant must be at least 18 years of age
2. Must have a valid Flipkart account and must log in using the same account
3. The Flipkart Aage Kya quiz is only available on the mobile app

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