Google Pay (TEJ) Digital Payment Indian App

Google Tej is also called Google Pay app. It is the fastest digital payment app for India. If you have any issue or query regarding this app then you may call at his given helpline number. It is very useful, faster and secure app. You can easily pay to your biller, send or receive money to your account without sharing bank or other details. Read More

How to run YouTube in incognito mode on Android

YouTube is most popular and widely used video platform for his users. When you are watching a video on YouTube anyone can check your history. But if you don’t want to show the history of your previous running video’s on YouTube then, you have to run YouTube in incognito mode on Android. In other words incognito mode works as a undercover and no body trace which you are watching at YouTube app at your Android. Read More

Essential Hidden WhatsApp Tricks You Should Try

WhatsApp is an instant messaging tool and first choice for all of us. There are billion of WhatsApp users around the worldwide. There are many hidden WhatsApp tricks, but are you using them or not? There are many important secret hidden WhatsApp ticks you should try at your smartphones. Read More

How To Download Facebook Videos in HD Quality

Facebook is very popular social networking website around the world. Sometime we need to download Facebook videos in HD quality but don’t know what is the process. There are lot of website allows you to online download Facebook videos or use any third party software. Read More

How to stop downloading FB Profile Picture

Facebook allows his users to quickly share the information, messages and photos with others. Your Facebook friends allows to downloading the profile photo at his device. But if you want to stop them, you can easily stop downloading FB profile picture. You can prevent any visitors to stop downloading Facebook profile picture. To do this job, you must have to change the simple thing in privacy setting to protect your Facebook profile picture. Read More