Top 5 Secret WhatsApp tricks you should know

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging platform at this time. There are lot of secret WhatsApp tricks which are useful for us. Most of the WhatsApp users don’t know about this given secret WhatsApp tricks. WhatsApp is an important part of our life and it take place of old messaging apps. Recently WhatsApp add few latest features for his users. So, in this article we have to discuss about top 5 secret WhatsApp tricks you should know. Read More

How to use Excel SUMSQ Function to get Sum of the Squares

Excel SUMSQ function is another important function which is used to returns the sum of the squares of the given arguments. The Excel SUMSQ function is built-in very popular function. This function is also used as a worksheet function in active Excel sheet. In this article we have to explain how to effectively use SUMSQ function in Excel. Read More